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The Burmese government is under increasing pressure to allow foreign aid workers and organizations into the country. We speak with The Christian Science Monitor's Chris Johnson, who's been reporting from Burma.


Lijia Zhang is a Chinese journalist and writer whose memoir is titled, "Socialism is Great!". We speak to Zhang about growing up in the 1980s in China when she worked in a factory, but developed a great appreciation of Jane Eyre. Zhang also talks about the new China as it copes with a devastating earthquake.


There is a lot of news on the political front today and we'll wrap it up with Rick Klein of ABC News


We take a few moments to hear from listeners.

Martin Luther King Memorial

A controversy is brewing over the Martin Luther King Memorial planned for Washington, D.C. The federal commission that has the final say over these projects isn't happy with the sculpture of King that will be the centerpiece for the memorial. There have also been complaints because the artist selected to create the King statue is Chinese. We speak to Washington Post reporter Michael Ruane.

Bill The Band

Here and Now's Jill Ryan introduces us to a New England band that has attracted attention because their lead singer has Down Syndrome.

This program aired on May 15, 2008.

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