Show rundown for 5/16/2008

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Oil Prices

The White House is saying Saudi Arabia will not increase oil production, something President Bush had pushed for during his trip to Saudi Arabia.

Exodus 1947

Here & Now's Sean Cole tells the story of a rusty old American ferry boat that transported 4,500 Jewish Hoocaust survivors from Europe to British-held Palestine in 1947.

Farm Bill and Food Stamps

Most of the debate around the nearly $300 billion Farm Bill centered on subsidies for farmers, but two- thirds of the money will actually be spent on food stamps and nutrition programs. And demand for food stamps right now is hitting record levels in many states. We speak with New York Times reporter, Erik Eckholm.

Sports Update

We look at the week in sports with Only A Game host Bill Littlefield.

Summer Camp

As summer approaches, kids prepare to pack up their bags and head off to camp. Author Mindy Schneider remembers her camp experiences in her memoir "Not a Happy Camper." We also speak with Bette Bustle, the Executive Director of the New England chapter of the American Camp Association. Bustle says that a lot of changed since Schneider went to camp.

This program aired on May 16, 2008.


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