Show rundown for 5/21/2008

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Senator Kennedy's Cancer Diagnosis

Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy was released from the hospital today, one day after news broke that the 76-year-old Democrat was diagnosed with a potentially lethal form of brain cancer.

Cancer Research

There is new hope in the fight against cancer. Scientists are working together with doctors and engineers to develop new weapons to both fight and detect cancer.


The Financial Times reports today that the credit rating agency Moody's awarded triple-A investment ratings to billions of dollars of high-risk investments for an entire year. The FT says it was caused by a typo. We speak with Financial Times reporter Sam Jones about his investigation.

On The Make

Producer Jon Kalish visits and Etsy Labs in Brooklyn to take a look at the burgeoning "do-it-yourself" movement that's developing on the Internet.

Karen Allen

At the stroke of midnight, the much anticipated fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series is released. We speak to Karen Allen, who played Marion in the first movie. Marion is now in her 50's, she's a single mom and she still packs a punch.

This program aired on May 21, 2008.


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