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Summer Air Travel

As the price of a barrel of oil hits a record high for the third straight day, American Airlines has announced plans to tack on new fees, including a $15 charge for a single checked bag. With airfares already up about 20 percent this year, how expensive could air travel get this summer? Our guest is New York Times Business reporter Micheline Maynard.


Hezbollah has secured veto power over Lebanon's western-backed government.


Can a newly designed swimsuit from Speedo cut precious seconds off a racer's time? And will swimmers who have contracts to wear swimsuits by other manufacturers pay the price at medal time? We look at the legal battle underway in the swimsuit world. Our guest is Brent Rutemiller, CEO and publisher of Swimmer's World Magazine.

The Week in Sports

The NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, the Indy 500 and what else lies beneath Yankee Stadium are all topics for discussion this week as we talk sports with Bill Littlefield, host of NPR's Only A Game.

David Halberstam

The late journalist David Halberstam is well known for writing on serious topics, but he also wrote with skill and grace about sports. A new book collects pieces he wrote about sports for newspapers, magazines and websites. It's called "Everything They Had." Glenn Stout selected the pieces and joins us for a conversation about why they stand out.

This program aired on May 22, 2008.


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