Show rundown for 6/10/2008

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Tomato Salmonella Scare

Federal health officials continue to search for the source of a salmonella outbreak in tomatoes that has sickened 167 people in 17 states. We speak with Wall Street Journal reporter Julie Jargon.

Gay Marriage

Next week, gay couples can get married in California. Does this mean that the gay rights movement has reached an endgame - by achieving the holy grail of equality? Our guests are Scott Schmidt, a political columnist and contributor to, and Miriam Perez, an editor at and Radical

Presidential Politics from the European POV

John McCain has been to Europe to raise money; Barack Obama will be going soon. We scan the headlines with Adi Raval of the BBC.


Whenever the Boston Celtics play the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston fans chant "Beat L-A, Beat L-A." But the Celtic's players have a new rallying cry this year. Here and Now's Martha Bebinger explains the meaning behind the phrase "Ubunto" (Oo-Bonn'-Too).

Young Adults Moving Back Home

As the job market tightens, middle and upper class young adults in the United States are moving back home in increasing numbers. What's more many parents are happy about it. Dr. Katherine Newman of Princeton University is our guest.

This program aired on June 10, 2008.


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