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Iowa Floods

Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Iowa City may have seen the worst of the flooding, but downstream, residents in southern Iowa and Illinois are piling up sandbags to check rising waters. Over a fifth of the corn and soybean crop is either rotting or never got planted, threatening even higher food prices worldwide. We'll speak with O. Kay Henderson, news director for Radio Iowa.

Fuel Efficiency Tips

If you must drive, is there a way to increase your miles per gallon? We talk with Paul Eisenstein, editor at

Canada Apologizes to Native Americans

Canada's prime minister has formally and emotionally apologized for placing Canadian Indian children in residential schools all over the country from the 1870s to the 1970s.

Science for Kids

Did you know that plants can pass gas, burp and may even feel fear? Or that yawning may be infectious because it evolved as a way to alert a group that it was time to sleep? These facts are part of a new science book for kids, "Science on the Loose: Amazing Activities and Science Facts You'll Never Believe." Author Helaine Becker takes us through some experiments.

Music of Cyprus

For over thirty years, the island of Cyprus has been divided between Greek and Turkish populations, with a history of violence and strife. Now a new CD " Music of Cyprus" seeks to celebrate both cultures. We speak with Turkish Cypriot Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and Greek Cypriot Theodoulos Vakanas.

This program aired on June 16, 2008.

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