Show rundown for 6/26/2008

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Supreme Court Rejects Gun Ban

The Supreme Court today overturned a handgun ban for the residents of Washington DC. We get a report on the highly anticipated decision, which was seen as the court's interpretation of the meaning of the Second Amendment, from Lyle Denniston, of We also get analysis from Jonathan Turley, Professor of Law at George Washington University, Robert Levy of the Cato Institute (he financed the original lawsuit designed to overturn the DC ban,) and also John Lowy, senior attorney at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Zimbabwe Radio in London

A radio station in London is trying to keep on top of issues inside Zimbabwe. We speak with Gerry Jackson, station manager for SWRadio Africa.

Democrats in Unity

Sen. Barrack Obama will be joined by Sen. Clinton on the campaign trail tomorrow in Unity, New Hampshire. Does this signal great Democratic unity? We'll speak with Jeff Zeleny, political correspondent for the New York Times.

Sports Roundup; Maple Bats and More

Bill Littlefield of Only A Game joins us.

Evolution of a Bluegrass Standard

Every musical genre has its bona fide classics that up and coming artists must include in their repertoire. "Nessum Dorma" in opera for example, "Round Midnight" in jazz, "Stairway to Heaven" for rockers. Here and Now's Christopher Blagg looks at the evolution of one song that has become a standard in the world of string band music.

This program aired on June 26, 2008.


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