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Help for Homeowners

A bill that is making its way through Congress aims to help homeowners at risk for losing their homes. But will it? We speak with Ron Lieber, who writes the "Your Money" column for The New York Times.

Salman Rushdie

A conversation with the Indian-born British novelist about his latest book, The Enchantress of Florence. It moves between Renaissance Italy and the India of the Mughal Empire. Rushdie says he started out writing about the differences, only to find similarities.

Middle Class in Crisis

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont believes the American middle class is in crisis and he has hundreds of letters from Vermont residents he says document that belief. We hear what he has to say about addressing the plight of the middle class.


Two weeks until Beijing and other news from the sports pages with Bill Littlefield of Only A Game.

Choreographer Sara Rudner

Choreographer Sara Rudner created a four-hour marathon dance. What's it like to be onstage as the audience comes and goes? Sara Rudner is director of dance at Sara Lawrence College, and a founding member of Twyla Tharp Dance in the 1960s.

This program aired on July 25, 2008.

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