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Convention Roundtable

We preview John McCain's acceptance speech tonight and look back to Sarah Palin's acceptance address as his vice-presidential candidate. We speak with Karen Tumulty, Senior Political Correspondent for Time magazine, Mike Carey, host of KAKM Alaska Public Television's Anchorage Edition and a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News, and Matt Zencey, editorial page editor for the Alaska Daily News. Also joining us will be Kansas Senator, and former Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback.

The Sherrif

Sherriff Thomas Hodgson made headlines when he re-instituted chain gangs for inmates in Bristol County Massachusetts. But he says it's part of an effort to implement a new template for corrections. Hodgson is a delegate to the GOP Convention, and he says the government has dropped the ball when it comes to the issues he faces, including immigration.

Detroit Mayor to Resign

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has agreed to plead guilty to obstruction charges and will step down after more than six years leading the nation's 11th-largest city. The plea deal was announced during a court hearing today and brings to an end a seven-months-long sex scandal that led to felony charges against Kilpatrick and plunged the city, region, and state into political chaos. As part of the plea deal, the 38-year-old Democrat is expected to serve jail time. We talk with Nolan Finley, editorial page editor of the Detroit News.

Minnesota State Fair

From food on a stick to butter sculptures and the plate-breaking booth, the Minnesota State Fair is a summer tradition. We sample the fare.

This program aired on September 4, 2008.

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