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Bailouts and Government Regulation

The stunning government takeover of the insurance giant, AIG. The U.S. government now has an 80 percent stake in the one of the world's largest insurers. This as the Treasury Department begins selling bonds for the Federal Reserve in an effort to help the central bank deal with unprecedented borrowing needs.

The Story of Sgt. Juan Jimenez

Army Sgt. Juan Jimenez came home from Iraq with two Purple Hearts and shrapnel still lodged in his body, but he's still fighting with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the benefits he feels he deserves. We speak with Sgt. Jimenez about that fight, and also with journalist Joshua Kors, who covers veterans issues for The Nation.

This Fall's TV Season

As people move from their TVs to their computers for entertainment, what does this fall's TV season look like? Bob Thompson of the Bleir Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University joins us.

This program aired on September 17, 2008.

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