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Candidates Economic Plan

Which presidential candidate is more fiscally conservative and who would cut taxes more for middle class families? We speak with New York Times Economics Columnist David Leonhardt about the plans that Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have proposed for the economy.

Early Voting

Early voting in person begins tomorrow in the battleground state of Virginia. More than half of states allow early voting, and in some states the early voting rate is 50 percent. So presidential candidates are having to adjust to the idea of election day being every day until November 4th.

Early Voting at Ball State University

The county election board voted down an early voting center at Ball State University yesterday. We speak with Student Government Association president Frank Hood, who supported a center, and Alex Carroll, a leader in the College Republicans at Ball State, who opposed an early voting center on campus.

James Isaacs on Federico Fellini

We often impose on Here & Now's jazz aficionado James Isaacs to share with us some of his favorite things. Today, he brings us his reflections on his favorite film, "8 1/2," by Federico Fellini.

This program aired on September 18, 2008.

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