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The Presidential Race in the Polls

A Gallup survey conducted this week shows Barack Obama with just a 2-point lead over John McCain. Other polls see a double digit lead for Obama. So is the race tightening, or the reverse? We'll speak with Rick Klein, senior political reporter, ABC News, and author of's The Note.


A guide to saving and planning for life after work. Should 20-something investors choose riskier investments than 40-somethings? Our guide is Dana Levit, a certified financial advisor from Newton, Massachusetts.

An Old Fashion Bank

Hudson City Bancorp brought in $4 billion last year by taking in deposits and giving out loans. It doesn't sell its mortgages, nor does it give out credit cards or business loans. And it doesn't charge fees. It's old fashioned "plain vanilla" practices have kept it afloat as the multinationals crash and burn. We talk to the bank's CEO about what it means to run an old fashioned bank in 2008.

Letters and Sports

We check the Here and Now mailbag and we'll also speak to Only a Game Host Bill Littlefield about the baseball playoffs, and last night's dramatic Red Sox comeback.

Fifty Writers and Fifty States

We speak with Matt Weiland who along with Sean Wilsey enlisted 50 contemporary authors, poets and journalists to write on the 50 states.

This program aired on October 17, 2008.

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