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Economy Update

We speak with Peter Coy, economics editor for Business Week ...

A Soldier's Song

The German song, Lili Marlene, resonated with soldiers on both sides of World War II. Now authors Liel Leibovitz and Matt Miller tell us the story of the song.

Statesmen Portrait Artist

We speak with artist Steven Polson ...

Cutting Through Red Tape at the V.A.

The US spends $73 billion on veterans benefits, but accessing those services can often be a frustrating experience, with veterans encountering a maze of red tape. We talk to Peter Gaytan of the American Legion about his book, "For Service to Your Country: The Insider's Guide to Veterans' Benefits."

Colonel John Ripley

Among Marines, he's known as the greatest war hero you've never heard of. Captain John Ripley was an adviser to South Vietnamese Marines in 1972 when the North Vietnamese army launched a massive assault now called the Easter Offensive. At the town of Dong Ha, Captain Ripley blunted the assault when he blew up a key bridge singlehandedly. A fellow Marine, John Miller, tells us how Ripley did it. Miller is the author of "The Bridge at Dong Ha."

This program aired on November 11, 2008.

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