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Show rundown for 11/12/2008

This article is more than 14 years old.

Is the Bailout Working?

Today Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gave an update on the government’s $700 billion financial rescue package. Of the initial $350 billion that Congress freed up, all but $60 billion has been promised.

Homeowner Help

Federal officials say hundreds of thousands of homeowners will get help making their loans affordable, under a new mortgage modification program announced yesterday.

Closing Gitmo?

President Elect Barack Obama has vowed to close Guantanamo bay as President. Now his legal advisors are busy trying to figure out how to make this happen.

Model Vice-Presidency

Should Joe Biden follow the Dick Cheney model for the Vice Presidency? Or are there better ways for him to serve the Obama White House as it takes up a full domestic and foreign policy agenda?

Presidential Pardons

The number of convicted felons asking the President for pardons and commutations is at a historic level--more than 23 hundred petitions filed by this July.

The Barefoot Contessa

Food Network star Ina Garten has won legions of fans with her books and her show "The Barefoot Contessa."

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