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Auto Industry Bailout

Congress is drafting legislation to send another $25 billion dollars to the ailing auto industry - this time tapping into the $700 billion dollar fiscal bailout plan.

Should the Obamas Send Their Daughters to DC's Public Schools?

Journalist Stephanie Mencimer sends her child to a public school in DC and thinks the Obamas should consider doing the same.

Secretary of Education

President-elect Obama has yet to fill many of his cabinet posts, including the position of Secretary of Education.

Palin TV

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's media blitz continues.

Google and the Flu

Google says it can predict where and when the next flu outbreak will happen.


Before San Francisco indie band Deerhoof released their new album last month, they posted the sheet music of the single "Fresh Born" online and called on their fans for their own interpretations.

This program aired on November 13, 2008.

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