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Show rundown for 11/19/2008

This article is more than 14 years old.


International maritime officials say the surge in piracy off the coast of Africa is out of control.

A New New Deal?

As some lawmakers and economists are talking about an economic stimulus plan like the New Deal, we take a look at what the federal government really did during the New Deal.

The Use of the Word "Dignity" in Ethical Debates

"Death with dignity" is a phrase used in the argument to allow doctors to prescribe fatal doses of medication to some terminally ill patients, but the word has also been used by opponents of assisted suicide.

Ethnic Potato Dishes for Thanksgiving

Though turkey is the mainstay for most tables at Thanksgiving, Here and Now's resident chef Kathy Gunst says it's in the side dishes that people often express their heritage. Kathy brings us potato dishes with Filipino and Indian flavors.

This program aired on November 19, 2008.

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