Rundown 12/23

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U.S. Economy Shrinks

The Commerce Department reports today that gross domestic product dropped half a percentage point in the last quarter and economists say it may be dropping even faster this quarter - as much as 6 percent. (Click title for more...)

Depression Santa

Gifts from an anonymous donor boosted spirits in Canton Ohio during the Christmas season in 1933, during the Great Depression. The giver was a person named Mr. B. Virdot... (click title for more...)

Facebook Usage

The incredibly popular social networking website Facebook has taken the world by storm since it was founded by a Harvard student in 2004. It claims to be the fifth most trafficked website in the world, but is it productive or a waste of time? (Click title for more...)

Boston Santa

Here and Now's Monica Brady Myerov introduces us to Jonathan Meath, a musician and producer of children's TV programs whose real love is his yuletide job: Playing Santa. He even has a genuine full white beard, long white hair, and a bit of a waistline.

This program aired on December 23, 2008.


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