Rundown for 12/24

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Travel Delays
As much as 8 inches of snow is forecast in Spokane Washington, where bus rail and plane travelers were stranded yesterday. In the Midwest hundreds of flights have been canceled due to weather, and about 500 travelers spent the night in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. We speak with Rob Hart, reporter for WGN Radio in Chicago and traveler Patrick Lane who has been stranded at O'Hare since 7pm last night.

In a shift of strategy, the U.S. plans to nearly double troop levels in Afghanistan, arm tribal militias friendly to the American backed government, and to re-focus efforts to build up Afghan civil society.

Shopping Addiction
If you are secretive about how much shopping you're doing or you've tried to stop and can't, you may have an addiction to shopping.

Charles Dickens' Christmas
The fellowship and good cheer that Charles Dickens We learn more about Dickens and "A Christmas Carol" from Les Standiford, the author of "The Man Who Invented Christmas."

This program aired on December 24, 2008.


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