Rundown 01/21

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Day One

On his first full day as president of the United States, Barack Obama attends a National Prayer Service, meets with economic and military advisors, and opens up the White House for public tours. We speak with Gail Chaddock, congressional correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, and Gretchen Morgenson, assistant business and financial editor and columnist for The New York Times.

The Oath

Did it matter that during the swearing-in yesterday Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts tripped over each other and moved the word "faithfully” around? We speak with Jack Beermann, professor of law at Boston University and expert on the U.S. Constitution.

More On the Economy

We continue our conversation with Gretchen Morgenson, assistant business and financial editor at The New York Times, about the economic challenges facing the Obama administration.

Youth On Obama

To hear what young people thought about Barack Obama's inauguration we dropped in yesterday at the MATCH School, a public charter high school in Boston where two-thirds of students are African-American.

Inaugural Prayers

Steven Waldman, editor in chief at, joins us to discuss the prayers offered at Barack Obama's inauguration: the invocation by Reverend Rick Warren and the benediction by Reverend Joseph Lowery.

Inaugural Fashion

As predicted, the new first lady is having an impact on American fashion. We speak with online shopping expert Michelle Madhok and veteran fashion writer and consultant Cheryl Ann Wadlington about what Michelle Obama in the White House means for the nation and its designers.


Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro produces and stars in the new four-hour-plus epic "Che." The film is in two parts: the first tells the story of guerilla fighter Che Guevara's role in the overthrow of Cuban leader Fulgenacio Batista, the second follows Che after he disappears from Cuba and reappears in Bolivia to continue the revolution. We speak with Del Toro about the film and the continuing appeal of Che Guevara.

This program aired on January 21, 2009.


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