Rundown 01/26

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Economic Stimulus

President Obama is pushing Republicans to get on board with his $825 billion economic stimulus plan, but they're objecting to so much government spending instead of tax cuts. We speak with Rick Klein, Senior Political Reporter for ABC News and author of the ABC political blog "The Note."

Penelope Leach on Daycare

If you're a parent, chances are you have a dog-eared copy of Penelope Leach's groundbreaking book "Your Baby and Child." Leach has influenced generations of parents with her child-centered philosophy since originally publishing her landmark book in 1978. Now she is tackling daycare. Back in the 90's, Leach said daycare was harmful to children, setting off a storm of controversy. Now Leach is out with a new book in which she revisits the issue and revises her controversial opinion. The book is called "Child Care Today: Getting It Right for Everyone," and Penelope Leach joins us to discuss her new findings.

Secondhand Clothing

Americans toss away billions of pounds of clothing each year. A lot of it winds up in Haiti, where it's called Pepe. Pepe, or used materials, is the stuff of everyday life for most Haitians: what they wear, what they use, what they make into art and trade. It's the subject of a new documentary, "Secondhand (Pepe)" and we speak with the filmmakers, Hanna Rose Shell, an assistant professor at MIT and a descendent of Jewish rag traders, and Vanessa Bertozzi, Editor-in-Chief of, a site dedicated to independent artists, craftspeople, and vintage dealers.

Utah Wilderness

We speak with Tim DeChristopher, a senior at the University of Utah, about how and why he was able to disrupt a federal government auction of leases to drill for oil and gas in wilderness areas near two national parks.

The End of an Era

We talk to the owner of Boston Seafoods, a fish store that opened its doors in Springfield in 1949--more than six decades ago. Owner Allan Ardito is going to close the shop this weekend, as big box stores move into the area, replacing customer service with low prices and convenience.

This program aired on January 26, 2009.


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