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Rundown 1/3022:36

This article is more than 11 years old.

Economic Growth for the Long Term

Real economic growth is not inevitable, says our guest David Leonhardt, economics correspondent for The New York Times. It takes planning and effort by the government. The great engines of growth over the last 35 years have been mirages, not unlike the artificial economic growth of the old Soviet Union. So what can we do now to assure growth for the long term? Reverse the norms of the last 35 years by emphasizing investment before consumption and favoring the long term over the short term gain.

Bonuses for Corporate Executives

President Obama has scolded bankers for bonuses that were paid to executives of banks receiving taxpayer-provided bailout money. We look at bonuses for executives in a down economy — can shareholders wield any power in controlling them? Our guest is Tim Smith, senior vice president of Walden Asset Management.

Remembering Andrew Wyeth

From "Christina's World" to the "Helga" paintings, Andrew Wyeth was one of America's most famous and controversial artists. Wyeth died this month at the age of 91. We hear from a rare interview Andrew Wyeth gave to Robin Young in the 1980's in which he talks about his work and his place in the art world. We also talk with Thomas Hoving, former director of New York's Metropolitan Museum and a long-time friend and collaborator of Andrew Wyeth. View some of the images discussed in this piece here.  (And commenting on this piece Eric says "this was one of the best interviews of its kind I have ever heard in radio...")

The Super Bowl

Patrik Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor explains that between the economic slump and bizarre matchup of teams, this year's Super Bowl will be a bit more subdued than usual.

This program aired on January 30, 2009.

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