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Sorting Out the Stimulus

President Barack Obama leaves Washington today, to take his pitch for the stimulus package to towns that desperately needs the money. Tonight, he holds his first prime time press conference. This after a weekend of activity on the stimulus bill, including a special Saturday session of the Senate. Greg Ip is US Economics Editor for The Economist and he joins us to sort it all out.

Three Cups of Tea

A conversation with Greg Mortenson, the author of the best-selling book, "Three Cups of Tea." He's been building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan and now the U.S. Military is asking for his advice. His short answer: "More schools, especially for girls, not more troops."

Mayors on the Stimulus Bill

We speak to two mayors about their hopes for the stimulus package being negotiated in Washington. Dick Moore is the mayor of the mayor of Elkhart, Indiana, where unemployment is approaching 20-percent. Jim Burch is mayor of Cape Coral, Florida, where the home foreclosure rate is over 10-percent.

Finding a New Job

As more and more people lose their jobs, business is booming for outplacement firms that help laid-off workers find new jobs. But some people are also tapping into social netoworking sites like Facebook and Twitter for help. Here and Now's Curt Nickisch reports.

Lark and Termite

We speak with author Jayne Anne Phillips about her highly acclaimed new novel "Lark and Termite." The book interweaves the stories of Lark, a young girl coming of age in 1950's West Virginia, her brain-damaged brother Termite, their aunt Nonie, and Termite's father Robert, a Korean War soldier who comes under fire as he escorts fleeing South Korean civilians.

This program aired on February 9, 2009.