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Underwater or In Foreclosure? Obama's Plan to Help

President Barack Obama wants to spend $75 billion to prevent 9-million Americans from losing their homes. He unveiled his plan at a Phoenix, Arizona high school today. It calls for helping homeowners who are underwater, whose homes are now worth less than their mortgages, and those in danger of foreclosure. We hear from David Leonhardt, economics columnist for "The New York Times;" Bruce Marks, CEO and founder of the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America; and Marc Charney, a real estate agent from the Boston area.

Rocket Docket

We speak with Charlie Green, the clerk of circuit courts in Lee County, Florida, who has set up a "rocket docket" to hear nearly 1000 home foreclosure cases each day.

'Unintelligent' Design

Opponents to Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection argue that humans are so complex that we must have been designed by an intelligent being. But biologists point out that the human body is chalk full of flaws and bad designs. Abby Hafer, professor of anatomy and physiology at Curry College, joins us to discuss some examples of "unintelligent design" in the human body.

Digital Switch

As of midnight last night, four months ahead of the government-imposed deadline, over 400 TV stations nationwide have turned off their analog signals and are broadcasting in digital only. Is your TV working today? If not, why? Where can you get a a digital converter box? What about those government coupons? We speak to a civil rights organization committed to helping consumers stay tuned in.

  • FCC Hotline: 1-888-CALL-FCC

Flash of Genius

We revisit a conversation we had with Greg Kinnear, the star, and Mark Abraham, the director of the movie "Flash of Genius" which came out on DVD this week. The film tells the David and Goliath story of inventor Bob Kearns, who sued the Ford Motor company, saying that they stole his windshield wiper invention.

This program aired on February 18, 2009.


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