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World Markets React to President Obama's Address

The BBC's Economics Correspondent Andrew Walker joins us from London to talk about the reaction of international markets to President Obama's speech.  We also look at the global economy, including the news that Japan's exports dropped to their lowest level in 10 years last month.  The world's 2 largest economies, the United States and Japan, are in trouble.

Unemployment Funds Dry Up

Nine states have been forced to borrow money from the federal government to keep their unemployment funds afloat. Jerry Kershner, a human resources manager at a steel plant in Hartsville, South Carolina, talks to us about how his company has been forced to furlough workers, who depend on unemployment benefits.

We also speak with Brian Flynn, Senior Staff Attorney with the Greater Boston Legal Services. He says more and more businesses are challenging former employees' benefit claims. Flynn represents workers in their benefits hearings.

Personality and the Recession

Why do some people view the recession as an opportunity to grow and take chances, and others view it as the end of their world? We speak with Dr. Frank Farley, psychologist and professor of educational psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia.

A New Private School for Low-Income Girls

Our Sister School is a new tuition-free, private middle school that serves disadvantaged girls in the former whaling city of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Forty percent of students drop out of high school and only 10% of the population has a four year college degree. Lisa Yates, executive director of Our Sister School, joins us.

Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Cancer Risk in Women?

Researchers at Oxford University find the risk for some cancers is elevated in women who drink alcohol. Dr. Timothy Johnson, medical editor for ABC News, comments.

Animals Using Tools

Sponging Eve is a dolphin in the Indian Ocean who seems to have taught members of her extended family how to use a sponge to hunt for food along the ocean floor. From dolphins to primates and birds, we talk tool use in the animal kingdom with Brandon Keim, science writer for

Music from the show:

The New Deal, "Then and Now"
Soundgarden, "Applebite"
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Tristeza, "Are We People"
Pink Floyd, "Several Species of Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict"

This program aired on February 25, 2009.


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