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Creative Solutions to Congestion

Los Angeles is the most congested city in America, according to a new survey published by Forbes Magazine, but congestion is actually down by nearly 25-percent there. It's one of the upsides of the down economy. We speak with Jon Bruner, editor at Forbes Magazine, who reviewed the data in the survey. We also speak with Jim Foti of the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the Hot Lane that's operating in Minnesota.


Wind Technology Boot Camp in California

Clean energy companies are hiring- and community colleges are taking note: Cerro Coso Community College in California started a "Wind Technology Boot Camp" to ready students to work with turbines. Program Director Larry Board and student Shane Culleton join us.

Madoff In Court

Accused con artist Bernard Madoff has a court hearing today and on Thursday he's expected to plead guilty to defrauding investors in a $50 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. We speak with Tom Lauricella, reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Should D.C. Residents Have a Vote in Congress?

Congress is expected to give Washington, DC a vote in the House of Representatives for the first time ever. But why did the founding fathers create a national capital, where the residents don't have a voice in Congress? Author Fergus Bordewich tells us it was a colossal oversight.

Listener Letters

We hear listener comments on our recent tour of FDR's college suite at Harvard. And after our story about the dozens of idle freight cars dividing the town of New Castle, Indiana, we heard from listeners about similar cars in Kentucky.

Is It Ever Wrong to Do the Right Thing?

This is the question residents of New York Mills, Minnesota, are asking in this year's contest, "The Great American Think-Off." If you have an answer, the town's residents want to hear from you. We speak with Jamie Robertson and Mike Parta about the contest's origins and past questions.

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This program aired on March 10, 2009.

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