Rundown 3/26

Geithner Back on Capitol Hill

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is back before Congress. He is calling for sweeping changes in the way the government monitors the financial firms. We get the latest from Binyamin Appelbaum of the Washington Post.

Can Beijing Stop the Buck?

China surprised the banking world by calling this week for a new global currency to replace the dollar. Our guest BBC China correspondent James Reynolds in Beijing says this move represents both China's new clout and its unique vulnerability in this economic crisis.

Sweet Sixteen with Bill Littlefield

The NCAA basketball championship continues, we hear from NPR's Only A Game host Bill Littlefield.

Sarah Palin at Lake Lucille in Wasilla, Alaska, in 2008. (Conde Nast Portfolio, Jonathan Becker)
Sarah Palin at Lake Lucille in Wasilla, Alaska, in 2008. (Conde Nast Portfolio, Jonathan Becker)

The Alaska Pipeline and Governor Palin

On the presidential campaign trail, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said Alaska was moving forward with a $40 billion pipeline to bring the state's abundant reserves of natural gas to the lower 48. But this month, Conde Nast Portfolio magazine reports the pipeline is stalled, and both republican and democratic lawmakers in Alaska are blaming their govenor. We talk to Joe McGinnis about his article, "Forget 'Drill, Baby, Drill."

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

We revisit a conversation we had with first time author David Wroblewski. His novel, "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle," tells the story of Edgar, a mute Wisconsin teenager who trains dogs of extraordinary intelligence.

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