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Rundown 4/2142:21

This article is more than 11 years old.

Congress Back in Session

Congress has returned from a 2 week break to face a $3.6 trillion budget proposal and ambitious plans to overhaul the nation's energy and healthcare systems. We speak with Gail Chaddock, who covers Congress for the Christian Science Monitor.

A Conversation with Howard Dean

What is former Governor, former presidential candidate, and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean up to nowadays? He's campaigning for universal health care, from his perch outside the Obama White House. We speak with Howard Dean, who is now a CNBC business commentator, a consultant at the Washington law and lobbying firm McKenna Long & Aldridge, as well as Democracy for America, the political action committee he founded.

Arraignment in the 'Craigslist Murder' Case

Philip Markoff, a 22 year old Boston University Medical student is being arraigned today on charges of fatally shooting one woman and assault and battery of another in Boston. We speak with Boston Globe reporter Maria Cramer.

Recession TV

When "Ugly Betty's" magazine diva Wilhelmina has to forego her midday caviar for almonds, you know the economy's bad. But how far will network TV go? One reality show in development has workers voting on who gets laid off. Our guest is Baltimore Sun television critic, David Zurawik.

Elections in South Africa

Ahead of tomorrow's parliamentary elections in South Africa, the BBC's John Humphrys, who covered the country in the 70s, goes back to see how things have changed, or not, in the post-apartheid era.

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This program aired on April 21, 2009.

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