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Unemployment and Community Colleges

The unemployment rate climbed to 8.9% last month, the highest in 25 years. Could community colleges help people who are out of work? President Obama wants to help people take classes at community colleges and other training programs while they're receiving unemployment benefits. Are the schools equipped and ready to respond? We speak with Dr. T. Eston Marchant, president of the Central Carolina Community College in North Carolina.

Overeating, the Food Industry, and the Human Brain

Dr. David Kessler says that if a bear comes into a room, humans are wired to respond. But replace that bear with a plate of warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies and many of us, he says, will become focused on the cookies and will have to eat them. Kessler says the food industry knows this and is constantly coming up with food products that we crave — products that are made of three ingredients: sugar, fat, and salt. Kessler's new book is "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite."

Israeli Catholics

Pope Benedict is in Jordan on the first day of his trip to the Middle East, which will also include stops in Israel and the Palestinian territories. The BBC's Tim Franks reports on a surprising group of Catholics in Jerusalem, some of them Jews who survived the Holocaust. They celebrate the mass in Hebrew.

Robotic Drone Aircrafts

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAV's, is becoming increasingly controversial. U.S. military leaders say the robotic drone aircraft have been effective in killing Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan without putting U.S. troops in danger. But what happens when civilians die too? Our guest is Peter Singer, senior fellow and director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution; he's also author "Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century."

Remembering Dom Dimaggio


Boston Red Sox outfielder Dom DiMaggio, Sept. 28, 1949. (AP)
Boston Red Sox outfielder Dom DiMaggio, Sept. 28, 1949. (AP)

Baseball fans are mourning the death of Dom Dimaggio, the younger brother of Hall of Famer Joe Dimaggio. Although his career was overshadowed by Joe's, Dom Dimaggio is a Red Sox legend. He has the longest hitting streak in Red Sox history and he formed a lifelong friendship with Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky and Bobby Doer. The late David Halberstam documented that friendship in his book, "The Teammates." Back in 2003, Here and Now's Robin Young had a chance to speak with them about baseball and their long relationship. We are rebroadcasting that interview today.

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This program aired on May 8, 2009.


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