Rundown 6/17

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Regulation of Financial Markets

The White House is proposing a broad set of changes to the regulation of financial markets.  One key piece, which some analysts say could lead to the most sweeping reforms since the 1930s, is a new consumer protection agency to regulate everything from mortgages and credit cards to basic bank accounts. We speak with Wall Street Journal reporter Damian Paletta.

Prescription Drug Prices

How come Americans pay so much for their pills?  We look at how the drug company Pfizer is starting a new program next month to give away some of their most popular drugs to the newly unemployed.  Our guests are Dr. Jorge Puente, regional head of international pharmaceuticals at Pfizer, and Dr. Jerry Avorn,  Harvard Medical School professor and author of "Powerful Medicines: the Benefits, Risks and Costs of Prescription Drugs."

Magnets on the Brain

Researchers are starting to use something called transcranial magnetic stimulation to try and understand the causes of autism.  By using a magnetic device to stimulate different parts of the brain into action, researchers hope they will find the parts of the autistic brain that aren't working properly, and eventually devise a cure.  We speak to Boston Globe reporter Carolyn Johnson.

California Budget Woes

With a $24 billion budget shortfall, California Governor Schwarzenegger has called for drastic cuts to social programs. But Democrats are countering with a plan to hike taxes on cigarettes and oil companies.  Dan Weintraub, columnist for the Sacramento Bee, brings us the latest.

**FILE** Pulitzer Prize-winning jazz artist Ornette Coleman poses in his New York apartment on April 16, 2007. Coleman collapsed during his performance at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester,Tenn., Sunday, June 17, 2007,  and was taken to a local hospital, publicist Ken Weinstein said. He was released later that night.    (AP Photo/Peter Morgan)
Ornette Coleman (AP)

Country Music TV Awards & 'The Shape of Jazz to Come'

Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley were the big winners in last night's Country Music Television Awards.  Their videos dominated the competition.  Also, this year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the landmark albums in the history of jazz.  Ornette Coleman's "The Shape Of Jazz To Come" was revered and reviled by jazz fans because it took the genre in a new direction.  In this piece from the BBC, music critic Kevin Le Gendre explores why the record was so important.

Music from the show

  • Kar Kar Madison, "Boubacar Traore"
  • Ahmad Jamal, "Patterns"
  • Radiohead, "Myxamatosis"
  • Massive Attack, "Future Proof"
  • Thelonius Monk, "Caravan"
  • Steve Earle, "America v6.0"
  • Ashley MacIsaac, "Sleepy Maggie"
  • Taylor Swift, "Love Story"
  • Brad Paisley, "Start a Band"
  • Ornette Coleman, "Enfant"
  • Ornette Coleman, "Eventually"
  • Ornette Coleman, "Lonely Woman"
  • Ornette Coleman, "Chronology"

This program aired on June 17, 2009.


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