Carl Sandburg

Everyone knows Carl Sandburg the poet, but did you know he was also a folk singer and went to parties with Marilyn Monroe? A New Jersey man has the photos to prove it. He also owns a guitar that Sandburg once owned. Ken Lelen is now selling that guitar and all the Sandburg material that comes with it. He joins us to talk about Carl Sandburg, the folk singer.

After our recent segment on Carl Sandburg's guitar, we received this photo and email from listener Kenyon Hodge:

Ms. Young -
I don't know what you plan to say about Carl Sandburg's guitar, but I look forward to it.
During the late '30's ( I don't think it was after the war) my father (Edward Hodge) worked for a publishing company (again, I think it was Reynall & Hitchcock). He worked with authors traveling on the equivalent of today's author book tours. He met and worked with Carl Sandburg in this capacity. For your amusement - maybe it's a stock picture you already have - I attach a picture of Sandburg with his guitar. The inscription reads: "Ed Hodge with whom I traveled Illinois, Michigan and Ohio - Carl

Kenyon B. Hodge


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