Rundown 6/25

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Saddam Interrogations

Newly declassified FBI interrogations of Saddam Hussein show that the former Iraqi President boasted of deceiving the world about stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, and didn't have ties with Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda. We speak with New York Daily News reporter James Gordon Meek about his exclusive story.

An Iran Primer

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during his meeting with Iranian parliamentarians, unseen, in Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, June 24, 2009. Iran's supreme leader said Wednesday that the government would not give in to pressure over the disputed presidential election, effectively closing the door to compromise with the opposition. (AP)
Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during his meeting with Iranian parliamentarians, in Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, June 24, 2009. (AP)

We look at who's who among Iran's clergy and political leadership. Our guest is Mehdi Khalaji, a Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute.   He was trained as a Shiite Theologian and went on to study in the West.

Prank Calls in Alabama

A man calls the front desk of a motel and urges the person on the other end of the phone to set off a fire sprinkler and break windows, because he says there's a fire. But it's a prank. And it has happened repeatedly, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages to hotels in California, Nebraska, Arkansas and Alabama- where four hotels have been targeted. We speak with Alabama fire marshal Ed Paulk about his investigation into the calls.

How Texting Affects Teenagers' Development

According to the Nielsen Company, teenagers sent or received an average of 2,272 text messages a month in the fourth quarter of last year, more than double the year before. MIT Social Studies and Technology Professor Sherry Turkle says constant texting is causing anxiety and sleep and relationship problems in teenagers. Dr. Turkle is author of "Evocative Objects: Things We Think With," and most recently "Simulation and its Discontents."

Saturn Moon Discovery... and,'Tween Books, Part 2

Kelly Beatty of Sky and Telescope Magazine says a discovery on one of Saturn's moons, reported in the Journal Nature, could be a sign of an ocean underneath the icy surface.

And... with school out for the summer, we have some more picks for 'tween readers - these are kids between 9 and 12 years of age.  Children's librarian, Sherry Eskin, of the Honan-Allston branch of the Boston Public Library, offers books with themes ranging from summer camp to the Vietnam War!  See yesterday's 'tween book picks.

Today's 'Tween Picks... and, Hear Readings from 'Tweens:

  • Lauren Myracle, “Eleven” --Audio Extra!
  • Kirsten Miller, “Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City" --Audio Extra!
  • Ann Brashares, "3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows" --Audio Extra!
  • Gary Schmidt , “The Wednesday Wars”

Music from the show

  • The Lickets, "Serial East"
  • The Wee Trio, "About a Girl"
  • Freddie Hubbard, "Little Sunflower"
  • Kar Kar Madison, "Boubacar Traore"
  • Art Blakey, "C.O.R.E."
  • Ahmad Jamal, "Patterns"
  • Massive Attack, "Future Proof"


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