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Beer Summit

President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks about the incident with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge, Mass. police officer James Crowley, Friday, July 24, 2009, in the White House pressroom in Washington.  (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks about the incident with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and police officer James Crowley, Friday, July 24, 2009 (AP)

Ferreting out Fraud in the Crash of '29

In the 30s the Pecora hearings uncovered the fraud that led to the crash of '29 and set the stage for the landmark financial markets legislation we associate with the New Deal. We'll speak with Richard Parker, professor of public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School, and author of several books, including, "John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economic."

Young Gitmo Detainee in Court

A federal judge has ordered the release of an Afghan in custody for more than 6 years at Guantanamo Bay Prison in Cuba. Mohammad Jawad is accused of throwing a grenade at a U.S. convoy in Kabul in late 2002. Conflicting reports about his age say he may have been as young as 12 years old at the time. Previous attempts at trying Jawal failed when judges threw out evidence obtained under torture.  The Obama administration had asked for more time to possibly move his case to a U.S. criminal court. Evan Perez of the Wall Street Journal joins us.

A New University Goes Online

"The University of the People" is the brainchild of Israeli entrepreneur Shai Reshef. It's doors open this fall. Reshef says the school is tuition-free — it charges students for tests, and the amount depends on where you live. Professors, he says, are eager to volunteer their time, and he envisions a school where students teach students using online social media sites.

13 Reasons Why

In his debut novel, "13 Reasons Why," Jay Asher deals with the issue of teen suicide. The protagonist, Hannah Baker, records a series of audio tapes, explaining why she took her own life. The story is a powerful lesson in how rumors and innuendo can have disastrous consequences.

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This program aired on July 30, 2009.


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