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South Pacific Tsunami Wreaks Havoc

A main road in the downtown area of Fagatogo, in American Samoa on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009.(AP)
A main road in the downtown area of Fagatogo, in American Samoa on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009.(AP)

Can Architecture Promote Civic Engagement?

Architect William Rawn thinks buildings can engage communities. He says that buildings have neighbors and "shouldn't be just always about standing alone and shouting look at me." The architecture firm, William Rawn Associates, with just 32 employees, was named top architectural firm in the country by Architect Magazine.  We speak with William Rawn and with Mayor Fred Armstrong of Columbus, Indiana- where William Rawn designed a fire house and recently broke ground on a new senior center.

Sex Offender Camp Closed

The nine sex offenders who had been directed to live in a makeshift camp in Cobb County Georgia have been ordered to leave the spot. Georgia has among the most restrictive laws banning sex offenders from living or working within a thousand feet of a place where children might gather, so the question is, where have the sex offenders gone? We'll speak with Georgia Public Radio reporter John Sepulvado.

Supreme Court Preview

Today, the Supreme Court added several cases to its docket for the term that begins October 5. We preview the session with Lyle Deniston of

Cases mentioned in this segment:

New York Celebrates 400 Years

In 1609, Henry Hudson, sailed up the river that now bears his name. In 1909, New York threw a massive celebration to mark the 300th anniversary. The celebration was meant to put the city on the map — and it did. We look back at the celebration with Kathleen Eagen Johnson, curator of Historic Hudson Valley in Tarrytown and author of the book "The Hudson-Fulton Celebration: New York's River Festival of 1909 and the Making of a Metropolis."

Events planned for this year's 400th anniversary:

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This program aired on September 30, 2009.

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