Rundown 10/15

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More Attacks in Pakistan

At least three dozen people were killed in a series of attacks in Pakistan today. The assaults paralyzed Lahore, the country's cultural capital, where major markets and government offices were shuttered. The strikes are part of an escalating a wave of terror aimed at scuttling a planned Pakistani offensive into the militant heartland on the Afghan border. The BBC's South Asia Editor, Ethirajan Anbarasan, joins us from London.

The Crisis in American Dental Health Care

130 million Americans have no dental insurance, and for those who do, it really covers so little that many dentists think of it as a pre-payment plan rather than true insurance. Millions forgo routine dental care, even when they are suffering severe pain. Poor teeth make it difficult to eat healthy food like fresh vegetables and grains. And in some cases, untreated dental infections have led to death. We speak with Slate editor June Thomas who's written a seven part series, "The American Way of Dentistry" for Slate.

Understanding the Markets

Wednesday was a good day on Wall Street with the Dow Jones cresting at the 10-thousand dollar mark. That's up 53 percent from it's March low. Market analysts say large pension and hedge funds are responsible for the rally. But some are warning that the rebound might be too fast. We talk to Jeff Kosnett, senior editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine.

Five Farms, Part Four

David Pecusa looking at a freshly harvested ear of corn on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. (Andrew Lewis, Five Farms)
David Pecusa looking at a freshly harvested ear of corn on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. (Andrew Lewis, Five Farms)

Our week long series "Five Farms", profiles of farm families across America, takes us today to the Hopi reservation in the high desert of northeastern Arizona. That's where the Pecusa family raises corn and beans much the way their ancestors did a millennium ago. They practice “dry farming,” growing crops without irrigation. Our story was produced by john Biewen and Camille Lacapa.

Listener Letters

We hear from comments from listeners about some of the stories we've covered recently.

An Unlikely Friendship

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This program aired on October 15, 2009.


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