Rundown 10/23

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Pilots Asleep?

Federal officials are investigating whether two pilots on a Northwest Airlines flight to Minneapolis on Wednesday night dozed off or were distracted when they didn't respond to radio communications for more than an hour and overshot their destination by 150 miles. We speak with Andy Pasztor, who covers the airline industry for the Wall Street Journal.

Alex the Parrot

**  FILE  ** Ethologist Irene Pepperberg with Alex, her African gray parrot. Pepperberg's memoir, tentatively titled "Alex and Me," covers her 30 years with the parrot,who died last fall,  that could count to six, identify colors and even express frustration with repetitive scientific trials. It will be released this fall by Collins, an imprint of HarperCollins. (AP)
Ethologist Irene Pepperberg with Alex, her African gray parrot,who died last fall. (AP)

To The Moon - Not

In an about face, a special panel charged by the White House to review the future of U.S. human space flight recommended yesterday that NASA abandon its current plan to return humans to the moon by 2020 and focus its efforts on landing on Mars or asteroids. Our guest is Pat Duggins, News Director at Alabama Public Radio and author of "Final Countdown: NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program."

Tracking Food

Most people have no idea where their food comes from, and normally don't think about it until something goes wrong. Last winter, 700 people got sick from tainted peanut products and last year, 1,400 people got sick from bad peppers. Now the food industry and Congress are looking for ways to electronically track food. We talk to Elliott Grant, founder of YottaMark, who works with suppliers to track food from the farm to the grocery store.

Who Will Take on the Phillies in the World Series?

As the Philadelphia Phillies continue the waiting game to see who they will play in the World Series, we speak with Bill Littlefield of NPR's Only A Game.

Amelia Earhart's Impact on Women

The famous flier vanished more than 70 years ago; but she never really disappeared. Historian Susan Ware says that's because our image of her remains frozen in time as a brave, intelligent pioneering woman. As the new biopic "Amelia" hits theaters today, we discuss Earhart's enduring appeal with Ware, author of "Still Missing: Amelia Earhart And The Search For Modern Feminism."

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This program aired on October 23, 2009.


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