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Rundown 11/2

This article is more than 13 years old.

Afghan President

Hamid Karzai has won a second term by proclamation. Afghanistan's election commission called off a scheduled run-off after Dr. Abdullah Abdullah pulled out saying he didn't believe the run-off would be any less fraudulent than the initial vote. How are Afghans reacting to the news? And can Karzai now be the legitimate partner the U.S. needs to fight the Taliban? We'll speak with the BBC's Lyse Doucet in Kabul.

Internet Stimulus Money

More than $7 billion is earmarked to expand high-speed Internet access across the country. We profile proposals in three communities to spend some of that money. We speak with Valerie Fast Horse, information technology director for the Coeur d'Alene Indian tribe in Idaho, which is asking for $12 million to expand wireless so more tribe members can access services such as the tribe's video-sharing website, Rezkast. We also hear from Wally Bowen, executive director of the Mountain Area Information Network, which is asking for $2.5 million to extend wireless access in parts of Appalachia; and John Bunce, national logistics manager for Clearwire, which wants to use $19 million in seed money to bring high-speed access to low-income neighborhoods in Detroit.

Election in New York's 23rd Congressional District

Voters go to the polls tomorrow in a contest that has become a proxy battle for the heart of the Republican Party. Sarah Palin has her favorite candidate; Newt Gingrich does too. Glenn Beck has even weighed in. Charles Mahtesian of is our guest.

Quick Note on Ground Beef Recall

A New York meat company has recalled almost 546,000 pounds of ground beef. The beef was sold by Fairbank Farms, and is linked to several cases of E. Coli-related illnesses and one death in New England.  Learn More.

The Fall of the Wall

Sabina Casagrande of Deutsche Welle Radio looks back on the events that led to November 9, 1989 — when the Berlin Wall fell.

Musician Poncho Sanchez

Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band leader Poncho Sanchez performs during a media event announcing their concert Sunday, March 11, 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan. Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band came to Taiwan for the first time and will perform at National Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Center on March 13. (AP)
Poncho Sanchez performs in 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan. (AP)

Percussionist and bandleader Poncho Sanchez is known as the "Keeper of the Flame" for his efforts to expand the parameters of Latin-Jazz music. We talk with Sanchez about his new release, "Psychedelic Blues" which Poncho describes as a return to his roots.

Music from the Show

  • Art Blakey, "C.O.R.E."
  • Thelonius Monk, "Caravan"
  • Peter Dixon, "Nagog Woods"
  • Fred Hirsch, "Desafinado"
  • The Scorpions, "Winds of Change"
  • Ahmad Jamal, "Patterns"
  • "Silver's Serenade" written by Horace Silver, arranged by Francisco Torres
  • "Psychedelic Blues" written by Sonny Henry, arranged by Francisco Torres
  • "Fried Neck Bones and Some Homefries" written by Willie Bobo and Melvin Lastie, arranged by David Torres
  • "Grand Central" written by John Coltrane, arranged by Rob Blake
  • "Crisis" written by Freddie Hubbard, arranged by Francisco Torres
  • "Cantaloupe Island" written by Herbie Hancock, arranged by David Torres

This program aired on November 2, 2009.


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