Rundown 11/3

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Election Day

Voters in Virginia and New Jersey chose governors, a seat is up for grabs in New York's 23rd Congressional district, and in a handful of states ballot measures on hot-button issues like medical marijuana, gambling and same-sex marriage will be decided. In Washington state, Referendum 71 would extend greater rights to domestic partners. It's provoked a fight over whether the signatures that put the referendum on the ballot should be made public. We speak with Austin Jenkins, political reporter for Northwest News Network.

What is Capitalism?

We think the answer is markets and the invisible hand, but our guest Bruce Scott says we've been getting it disastrously wrong for a long time now. Capitalism, as he defines it, is a form of governance, in which rules and rule-making are the system as much as the market. When you look at it closely, says Scott, it's really the visible hand of regulators and regulation that make it capitalism. Bruce R. Scott, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, is writing a book on capitalism. A key chapter from the book, "The Concept of Capitalism," has been published independently.

Clinton in Egypt

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Cairo today for a hastily arranged meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. She was scheduled to travel home, but instead appears to be responding to Egyptian concerns the U-S may be recalibrating its approach to the Middle East Peace process. The meeting comes amid speculation about President Mubarak, who is 81 years old. The BBC's Middle East Correspondent Christian Fraser reports on who might be in line to replace him.

Andy Williams' 'Moon River and Me'

Andy Williams (AP)
Andy Williams (AP)

Iconic musician Andy Williams has had his ups and downs over his 70-year career in show biz. His successes include ten years on an Emmy-award winning television series, 18 gold and 3 platinum albums and 20 years playing in Las Vegas. On the downside, he trudged through seedy nightclubs in the 1950's, rarely getting paid much if anything. At 82, Andy Williams takes us through his storied career, as presented in his new memoir, "Moon River and Me."

Music from the Show

  • Air, "Mike Mills"
  • Ahmad Jamal, "Patterns"
  • Freddie Hubbard, "Little Sunflower"
  • Fred Hirsch, "Desafinado"
  • Tito Puente, "Royal T"

This program aired on November 3, 2009.


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