Rundown 12/8

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Baghdad Attacks

More than 120 people are dead and more than 400 wounded in a series of attacks across Iraq's capital city today. The attacks come as word that Iraq's parliamentary elections have been moved back to March 6, a delay of seven weeks. Washington Post Baghdad Bureau Chief Ernesto Londono joins us from Baghdad.

Reports of Child Trafficking in China Sparks Anxiety Among U.S. Adoptive Parents

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlighting a number of cases of child trafficking in Hunan and Guizhou provinces has raised questions among parents who adopted children from China. We speak with Sibyl Gardner, who adopted a baby girl from China in 2003 and is considering traveling back to the country to research her daughter's origins. We also hear from Martha Groves, who wrote about parents reaction to the trafficking reports for the Los Angeles Times.

What's New in Cars?

It's that time of year for car geeks. The 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show is underway through Dec. 13th, and as usual manufacturers from Detroit and abroad are showcasing a myriad of new models and those crazy concept cars that nobody will probably ever drive. We speak to Paul Eisenstein, publisher of the automotive news website

Is Iran Targeting Iranians Abroad?

Iranians abroad — who have opposed the hard line government — are reporting that they are receiving threats online that they believe are from the Iranian government. Also, Iranians traveling to Iran are being arrested and questioned about their online protest activity; officials have asked some returning Iranians to show them their Facebook accounts. We speak with Farnaz Fassihi, who covers Iran for the Wall Street Journal.

Origami Unfolded

Michael LaFosse is a professional paper-folder and co-founder of Origamido Studio, which is featured in the documentary film, "Between the Folds." Michael came in to the Here & Now studio to talk about the film and show us some of his work. "Between the Folds" begins showing tonight on PBS stations around the country.

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This program aired on December 8, 2009.


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