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Year in Review with Joe Klein

Each year, the Time Magazine columnist hands out his annual "Teddy" awards for political courage. The honor is named after the former president, Theodore Roosevelt. President Obama gets one of Klein's awards this year. We review Obama's first year in office with Joe Klein.

A Revolutionary's Detention in Iran

A veteran revolutionary and former Foreign Minister is detained again in Iran. We speak to Dr. Mehdi Noorbaksh about his father-in-law, Ebrahim Yazdi. Dr Noorbaksh is associate professor of international affairs at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania.

The Irish Economy

The Celtic Tiger is no longer roaring. The economic meltdown has taken a toll on Ireland, where the government recently released one of the tightest budgets in recent memory, cutting benefits and slashing salaries for public workers. The BBC's Mike Thompson reports from Dublin.

A Young Man Joins the Army and Grows Up

Ian Fisher processing into the Army in June, 2007. (Craig Walker/Denver Post)
Ian Fisher processing into the Army in June, 2007. (Craig Walker/Denver Post)

At one point Fisher almost got kicked out of the military after a problem with substance abuse.

We speak with Ian Fisher about his struggles to make it in the military and with Denver Post photojournalist Craig Walker who documented Fisher's early time in the military.

The Economy in Cartoons

(Sam Gross, The New Yorker)
(Sam Gross, The New Yorker)

We page through New Yorker cartoons featuring bankers on ledges, Humpty Dumpty sitting on a Wall Street sign and a father laying off his wife and kids with New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff, who says that "tragedy plus time equals comedy." Mankoff has compiled the new book "On the Money: The Economy in Cartoons 1925-2009."

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This segment aired on December 29, 2009.