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The State of Airline Security

How long it will take to get through security at the airport, and what can you bring aboard the plane? The federal government says screening procedures at airports have to be unpredictable to be effective, and airline executives worry that they are starting out the decade with most of same problems they faced after 9/11. We'll speak with Micheline Maynard, senior business correspondent for the New York Times.

A Conversation with Garrison Keillor

The host of public radio's Prairie Home Companion is our guest. We talk to Garrison Keillor about 35 years at PHC and more.

Director James Cameron

The new film "Avatar" is another box office hit for director James Cameron. It comes 10 years after his last blockbuster, "Titanic." The BBC's Vincent Dowd reports on Cameron's career.

Food of the Decade

Ten years ago, sushi was the rage. Now blue fin tuna is disappearing. Ten years ago, restaurants were named Paragon and Vertigo; today the names are modest and the preference is for locally grown and home style. What do changes in food trends say about us? We'll speak with Lessley Anderson, senior editor at the food site about how our tastes and our plates have changed since 1999.

Sensitive Female Chord Progression

Will the New Year bring us more examples of the "Sensitive Female Chord Progression?" The ubiquitous progression is found in such songs as Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy" and Joan Osborne's "One of Us." We revisit our conversation with entertainment writer Marc Hirsh who wrote about the Sensitive Female Chord Progression in an article in the Boston Globe.

Music from the show

  • The Claremont Trio, "Cafe Music"
  • Freddie Hubbard, "Little Sunflower"
  • Herbie Hancock, "Watermelon Man"
  • The Lickets, "Meat City"
  • Christian McBride, "Theme for Kareem"
  • Rob Paravonian “Pachabel Rant”
  • Rihanna (with Jay-Z), “Umbrella”

This program aired on January 1, 2010.


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