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NY Town Vies for 9/11 Trial

The mayor of a small town in New York says he wants to host the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. But not everyone thinks it's a good idea. The BBC's Matthew Wells reports from Newburgh, NY.

Student's Suicide Raises Concerns Over Bullying Prevention

Phoebe Prince was new to South Hadley High School in Massachusetts. The 15-year-old had recently arrived with her family from Ireland. Soon she was targeted by bullies — in person, on the phone, and online. Last month, Phoebe Prince committed suicide. Though school officials say they had intervened and disciplined the bullies earlier, Phoebe's death have prompted parents to ask if more could have been done at the school and at home. We speak with Barbara Coloroso, who consulted with the South Hadley school district before Ms. Prince's death. She says bullying can be stopped, but everyone has to do their part. And in Pheobe's case, not everyone did.

Tea Party Convention Kicks Off

What is being billed at the first national Tea Party convention begins its first full day, with 600 anti-Washington activists from around the nation gathering in Nashville. But some tea party activists claim the organizers don't speak for everyone and their grassroots movement doesn't have national leaders. We speak with Susan Davis of the Wall Street Journal.

The Life and Times of the NFL's Bert Bell

From 1946 until his death in 1959, Bert Bell was commissioner of the National Football League and transformed professional football into an American juggernaut and commercial powerhouse. Bell's story is told in the new book "On Any Given Sunday: A Life of Bert Bell" by Robert Lyons. We talk with Bell's son, Upton Bell, about his father's contributions to the game.

Music From 'Who Dat' Nation

Here and Now music critic Christopher Blagg presents a sampling of tribute songs, mostly from New Orleans, that fans of the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts have created in the run up to Super Bowl 44.

Music from the show

  • "Posthumus Zone", The Official Theme Of The National Football League
  • The Who, "Who Are You"
  • Caesar, Bizzy B and Deja Vu, “My Town”
  • The Pin Stripe Brass Band, “Them Saints On a Roll”
  • K. Gates, “Black and Gold”
  • Down, “On March the Saints”
  • Big Chief Howard Miller, “Here Come the Saints”
  • The Bayou Boys, “Saints Bandwagon”
  • Greg McGuirk, “Blue Sunday”
  • The Mudkids, "Do It Again"
  • Louis Armstrong, “When the Saints Go Marching In”


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