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Hurdles For Health Care

President Obama has called on Congress to finally pass health care reform by the end of March.  Republicans are furious and fighting it every step of the way, but House Democrats could pose a bigger problem. The House has to pass the Senate version of the bill, but Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak says a dozen Democrats won't vote for the bill because of language about abortion funding. What are the chances for health care reform? We ask Karen Tumulty of Time magazine.

A New Push To Regulate Wall Street

New rules to limit the size of banks and an agency for consumer financial protection are the key elements being debated in Washington as Congress and the White House look for new momentum in the effort to overhaul rules for the finance industry.  A year after President Obama took office, where are we on regulating Wall Street?  We speak with Gretchen Morgenson, Business and Financial editor, and columnist at The New York Times.

High-Stakes Iraqi Elections

More than 6,000 candidates are running for 325 seats in Iraq's legislature. Leila Fadel of the Washington Post joins us from Baghdad.

Update From Earthquake-Stricken Chile

The BBC's Andy Gallacher reports from Concepcion, Chile, where food and water are finally getting to residents.

Ellsberg Looks Back, Beyond The Penatgon Papers

Daniel Ellsberg, 78, at a movie event in Sept. 2009 (AP)
Daniel Ellsberg, 78, at a movie event in Sept. 2009 (AP)

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This program aired on March 4, 2010.


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