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Taliban Insurgents Target Bagram Air Base In Afghanistan

Smoke billows up from the site soon after a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP)
Smoke billows up from the site soon after a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP)

States Set Out To Copy Arizona's Immigration Law

At least nine states have copycat bills in the works to mirror Arizona's tough new immigration law. The bills would require law enforcement officers to apprehend illegal immigrants by questioning them about their status in the U.S. We look at the debate in two states. In Pennsylvania, Regan Cooper, executive director of the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, says the legislation encourages racial profiling and says efforts to pass a law there have spurred anti-immigrant feelings. In Utah's legislature, Republican Stephen Sandstrom, is drafting a bill he says will be even better than the Arizona bill. He says his measure will prevent racial profiling by requiring a higher standard for police to follow before they question people about their immigration status.

Legal Fallout May Follow George Rekers Sex Scandal

Dr. George Rekers is a Baptist minister and clinical psychologist who has made a career of trying to cure homosexuality. He co-founded the Family Research Council with James Dobson, and was also a member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. He resigned from that position after the Miami New Times revealed this month that Dr. Rekers took a ten day trip in Europe with a male prostitute. But this scandal may also have legal repercussions, as John Schwartz of the New York Times explains.

Will John Hinckley, Jr. Be Set Free?

On March 30, 1981, 25 year old John Hinckley, Jr. set out to kill President Ronald Reagan. In an attempt to win the affection of actress Jodie Foster, Hinckley fired six shots into Reagan's entourage outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. He wounded Reagan and three others, was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and has been locked up ever since at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. But a judge has been slowly awarding Hinckley more and more freedom to visit his parents in Virginia and to get a driver's license. We speak to Annys Shin from the Washington Post, who recently spent time observing Hinckley at St. Elizabeths, about the would-be assassin's progress towards freedom.

Music That Messes With Your Brain To Help You Sleep

In their spare time, Brown University neuroscientist Seth Horowitz and sound designer/composer Lance Massey formed the company "NeuroPop" to create what they call "weapons grade sound design"-music with mathematically-based special effects that impact your brain waves. They claim it goes beyond white noise generators or yoga music to help you fall asleep or focus on a task.

Music From The Show

  • Medeski, Martin and Wood, "Bloody Oil"
  • Christian McBride, "Brother Mister"
  • Charles Mingus, "Pedal Point Blues"
  • The Lickets, "Meat City"
  • Joe Jackson, "Steppin' Out"
  • Ashley MacIsaac, "Sleepy Maggie"

This program aired on May 19, 2010.


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