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Oil Inundates Louisiana Wildlife; Begins Hitting Florida

A Brown Pelican sits on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast after being drenched in oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (AP)
A Brown Pelican sits on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast after being drenched in oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (AP)

Writer Examines History Of Whiteness From Emerson To Glenn Beck

That's what our guest, New Yorker writer Kelefa Sanneh asks in his recent article, "Beyond the Pale." Sanneh looks at how figures like Fox News' Glenn Beck and blogger Christain Lander, author of "Stuff White People Like", talk about whiteness.  He also looks at how today's discussion of whiteness is shaped by the ideas of Emerson and Baldwin. White people, says Sanneh, have always talked about whiteness as both strong and vulnerable, always needing protection to survive.

Israel Signals Flexibility; Prohibits Next Aid Shipment To Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is insisting that an aid ship trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza will not be allowed to dock in Gaza. He's instructed the military to act with sensitivity, and has instead offered to inspect the aid supplies at an Israeli port and transfer the goods to Gaza by land.  The shipment includes wheelchairs, medical supplies and concrete.  Activists on board the ship say they will not resist Israeli soldiers if they board the vessel, five days after a raid on an aid flotilla left nine activists dead.

A High School Senior Just Says No To 'Daggering'

Shanasia Bennett is a senior at the Edward M Kennedy Career Academy in Boston and she finds "daggering," a style of dance that simulates sex and is becoming popular at high schools across the country, disgusting. Ms. Bennett showed her school's headmaster a video of daggering and the headmaster has decided to tell students they cannot dagger at tomorrow's prom. Ms Bennett wrote about daggering for an after-school program, Boston Teens In Print.

Listener Letters: Egg Fertility Clinics

We heard from many listeners after our recent segment about the ethical questions raised by boutique fertility clinics. One was listener Jacqueline Debbits Arcata of California tells us about her experience seeking out less-expensive infertility treatment in South Africa.

After Artist's Suicide, Fans Pay Tribute At Dog Park He Created
Dogs were the great love of artist and author Stephen Huneck. They were the subjects of his sculptures and woodcarvings, and a best-selling series of children's books featuring his beloved Labrador, Sally. Huneck's success allowed him to create a park for dogs and their owners in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, called Dog Mountain. But, after a long struggle with depression, Huneck took his own life in January, at age 61. Last Sunday, a memorial to Stephen Huneck was held on Dog Mountain. Here & Now's George Hicks was there.

Music From The Show

  • Steve Earle, "Amerika v6"
  • Christian McBride, "Theme for Kareem"
  • Herbie Hancock, "Watermelon Man"
  • Paul Simon, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"
  • Radiohead, "Where I End and You Begin"
  • Christian McBride, "Brother Mister"
  • Ralph Towner, “Icarus” performed by Paul Winter
  • Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny, "He's Gone Away"

This program aired on June 4, 2010.


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