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Senate Extends Unemployment Benefits

Senate Democrats passed an extension of federal unemployment benefits Tuesday.  The extension is set to expire in November, just before congressional midterm elections. We spoke with Peter Cook ahead of the Senate vote.  Cook is Chief Washington Corespondent for Bloomberg Television.

Editor's Note: In our original story we incorrectly reported that the extension applied to those unemployed for more than 99 weeks

'Top Secret America' Explores Massive Post-9/11 Expansion In National Security

The Washington Post this week is releasing a three-part series about the sprawling national security apparatus created since 9/11. The paper's two year investigation found that national security grew to include more than 1,200 government organizations, nearly 2,000 private contractors and more than a million people with top-secret security clearance. We speak with report co-author Bill Arkin, who responds to concerns that the report reveals too much about America's intelligence industry.

Europe Faces Booming Prison Population

Prison populations have hit record highs in Spain, Italy and England. The BBC's Mark Simpson looks at why Northern Ireland's incarceration numbers are some of the lowest on the continent.

Nannies And Caregivers Get New Labor Protections In New York State

The fair labor laws of the 1930s left out domestic workers like nannies and elder caregivers. But now New York has become the first state to grant some workplace rights to domestic workers.   We speak with Priscilla Gonzalez of Domestic Workers United.

Searching For The Deepest Place On Earth

(Sergio Garcia Dils courtesy of Alexander Klimchouk and the Call of the Abyss Project)
(Sergio Garcia Dils courtesy of Alexander Klimchouk and the Call of the Abyss Project)

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  • Soundgarden, "Applebite"
  • Warsaw Village Band, "Grey Horse"
  • Tristez, "City of the Future"
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  • Warsaw Village Band, "Grey Horse"
  • Tristeza, "City of the Future"
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