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Christian Aid Group Pledges To Stay In Afghanistan

A charity said today it had no plans to leave Afghanistan despite the murders of ten members of its medical aid team. The International Assistance Mission also reiterated that the organization does not attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity. The 10 workers were gunned down Thursday after finishing a two-week mission providing medical care to impoverished villagers in remote Nuristan Province. The Taliban have claimed responsibility and alleged the group were spies and tried to convert Muslims. Washington Post Foreign Correspondent Joshua Partlow joins us from Kabul.

Lives Intersect Because Of Taliban

Parnian Nazary and Patty Ward didn't know each other until recently. Parnian Nazary just graduated from Wellesley College after escaping the Taliban as a schoolgirl before 9/11. Ward's Wellesley-educated daughter, Paula Loyd, was killed by the Taliban last year. The two women are now working to help educate Afghan women.

Harley Davidson's Labor Woes

Harley Davidson is thinking of pulling up its stakes in Milwaukee and moving out of town to a state where they'd be able to hire non-union workers. The company says it must cut $54 million from its budget. We speak with with Rick Barrett who writes the Let's Ride blog for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Ideas Hope To Bring Detroit New Life

Unemployment in Detroit is 14 percent. Thousands of homes and storefronts have been abandoned as people move out. A non-profit organization is hoping to get Detroit back on its feet. Bizdom U calls itself an entrepreneurial boot camp which trains and funds would-be business people to develop their ideas into businesses — that stay in Detroit. Our guest is Ross Sanders, executive director of Bizdom U, and Bizdom U graduate James Smith Moore.

The Surprising Answer To How We Spend Our Leisure Time

What do people do when they are free to do whatever they want? It's not eating, drinking, sports, or socializing. It's not even sex, according to our guest Paul Bloom. He writes that our main leisure activity, by a long shot, is participating in experiences we know are not real, in worlds created by the imagination. Paul Bloom is a professor of psychology at Yale University, and author of the forthcoming book, How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like.

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