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Secret Sex Video Linked To Student's Suicide

Tyler Clementi. (Facebook)
Tyler Clementi. (Facebook)

Tyler Clementi committed suicide last week after pictures of him having a sexual encounter with another male were shown online. Clementi's roommate and another freshman at Rutgers University have been charged with invading the young man's privacy.


The Skinny On Supplements

(Andrei Z/Flickr)
(Andrei Z/Flickr)

More than half of all adult Americans spent nearly 27 billion dollars last year on dietary supplements to get healthy, stay healthy, lose weight and gain an edge on the sports field and in the bedroom. And in the process, some of them got seriously sick. We talk with Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor for Consumer Reports-Health about the findings of their recent investigation, "Dangerous Supplements, What You Don't Know, Could Hurt You."

N.Y. Tea Party Candidate Boils Over

Carl Paladino, New York State Republican gubernatorial candidate, speaks at the Buffalo Yacht Club. (AP)
Carl Paladino, New York State Republican gubernatorial candidate, speaks at the Buffalo Yacht Club. (AP)

"You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy," is one of the printable lines uttered by Carl Paladino, the Tea Party member and Republican nominee for New York governor in his fracas with a reporter yesterday. Paladino has shown increasing anger over media interest in the daughter he fathered during an extramarital affair, and has suggested, without substantiation, that his Democratic opponent has had affairs of his own. We get the latest on the fight, captured on video, with Alan Chartock, CEO of WAMC/ Northeast Public Radio.

Americans Flunk Religious Literacy Test


What religion was Mother Teresa? What day of the week does the Jewish Sabbath begin? And what religion do most people in Indonesia practice? The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently asked Americans these and other basic questions about Christianity, the Bible and World Religion and most of the people in the study flunked. The group that scored the highest? Atheists! We explore the results and what they mean with Stephen Prothero, religion scholar at Boston University and author of "God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World."

'Our Boys' Holds Smith Center, Kansas Together

The high school football team in Smith Center, Kansas holds the small town together. That's what attracted New York Times sportswriter Joe Drape to this rural community two years ago. He followed the team as it won its fifth consecutive state championship, documenting it in his book, "Our Boys: A Perfect Season On the Plains With The Smith Center Redmen." Smith Center nearly won a sixth straight title, losing in the state championship game, breaking a 79-game winning streak. This season, Smith Center has a 3-1 record going into Friday night's game. We're rebroadcasting our interview with Drape today.

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