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France Buffeted By Strikes And New Terror Threat

Youths shout at riot police officers during a students demonstration in Lyon, France. (AP)
Youths shout at riot police officers during a students demonstration in Lyon, France. (AP)

Protests over the government plan to raise the retirement age are forcing airlines to cancel flights and creating runs on gas stations. The worker strikes come as a series of warnings about possible terror attacks has caused France to put its security forces on high alert. We speak to Christopher Dickey, Paris bureau chief for Newsweek.

Online Tool Lets Patients Negotiate With Doctors

It would never occur to most people to haggle over healthcare costs. But it turns out that doctors, hospitals and labs are willing to negotiate. And in fact, surveys show that when people try to bring down their out-of-pocket medical costs, they are successful 70 percent of the time. Dr. Jeff Rice helps companies negotiate healthcare costs and has also launched the healthcare bluebook, which lets consumers get an idea of how much a medical procedure could cost. In one case, Dr. Rice was able to bring a $37,000 fee for a hospital down to just $1,500. He'll tell us how he did it and offer advice to others on how to negotiate healthcare costs.

New York Gov Candidates To Debate: All Of Them!

You may want to tune in for this one. On a crowded stage at Hofstra University tonight, seven candidates will participate in the one and only New York gubernatorial debate. The field will include state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Republican Carl Paladino. In addition, there will be a former Black Panther turned city councilman, a retired mailman running on the "Rent Is Too Damn High" party ticket, and a former madam who wants to legalize pot and prostitution. Starting at 7 p.m. eastern time, the debate will be broadcast on local TV and radio, and will be streamed online at

New Guidelines Drop The 'P' From CPR

The American Heart Association released new guidelines today that change the way CPR is done. The AHA says that pumping hard and fast on the chest of someone who has collapsed works as well than the traditional CPR that alternates chest compressions with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We speak with Dr. Michael Sayre, associate professor of emergency medicine at Ohio State University.

Jimmy Carter Biography Follows The Story Of Peanut Farmer To President

"Jimmy Carter" by Julian Zelizer. (Courtesy of Times Books)President Jimmy Carter recently published a diary of his days in the White House. But for a thoughtful look at the former president, many critics recommend a new insightful biography of Carter on the bookshelves. "Jimmy Carter," part of the American Presidents series, is the latest book by historian Julian Zelizer. Zelizer joins us to talk about Carter and to compare his presidency to the current administration.


Harold Bloom Looks At 'Last Poems'

"Till I End My Song" by Harold BloomYale University professor Harold Bloom has been called the most formidable literary critic and commentator in America today. He's the winner of a MacArthur Fellowship and numerous honorary degrees. In his latest book, "Till I End My Song: A Gathering Of Last Poems," Bloom selects works from one hundred poets — from Edmund Spenser to Agha Shahid Ali — and shares a few favorites with us.

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