Food From Immigrant Kitchens

Kashk-o-bedemjan, a Persian eggplant dish. (Karyn Miller-Medzon/WBUR)
Kashk-o-bedemjan, a Persian eggplant dish. Recipe below. (Karyn Miller-Medzon/WBUR)

As a food lover and a former chef, Lynne Christy Anderson knew that food played an important role in her life. While teaching English to recent immigrants, Anderson found that discussing food helped her students learn a new language and helped her connect with her pupils. In her book, “Breaking Bread: Recipes and Stories From Immigrant Kitchens,” Anderson writes about the immigrant experience, and the food the immigrants use to stay connected to their homelands.

Anderson's book details some delicious recipes from lands near and far. Download them in PDF form below.

  • Yasie’s Persian Kashk-o-Bedemjan and Kou Kou Sabzi (PDF)
  • Zady’s Rice and Lili’s Kedjenou and Aloko from Cote d’Ivoire (PDF)
  • Winter Bamboo with Soybeans, Ginkgo Nuts, Mushrooms, and Tofu (PDF) from Xiu Fen
  • Pea Tendrils with Garlic (PDF) from Xiu Fen

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