NPR Board Chair Responds To Secret Tape Controversy

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(Mr. T/Flickr)
(Mr. T/Flickr)

Conservative activist James O'Keefe yesterday released another secret recording of a top NPR fundraiser telling a potential donor that NPR might be able to help hide a donation from the IRS. NPR has said that does not reflect NPR policies and all donations are reported to the IRS. That fundraiser is on administrative leave. This comes after the NPR Board fired president and CEO Vivian Schiller this week after a previous recording showed another NPR executive making disparaging remarks about the Republican party and the tea party.

We speak to Dave Edwards, NPR board chair and general manager of WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, about the controversies. He said the board had no choice but to fire Vivian Schiller because "her ability to lead had been hindered. "

This segment aired on March 11, 2011.


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